• Ann L Ardis

    Ann L Ardis



    British modernism; technologies of culture; periodical press history; gender


  • Nicholas Badullovich

    Nicholas Badullovich

    Postdoctoral Fellow

    Climate change communication

  • Angela N Barajas

    Angela N Barajas

    Graduate Teaching Assistant, SOC Co-Chair

    Fanship Studies, Pop Culture

  • LaNitra M Berger

    LaNitra M Berger

    Associate Professor

    Art of the African Diaspora, African-American art history, South African modern art, Intersections of the African and Jewish Diasporas, lynching photography, art and social activism, African and African American Studies, social justice and international education, women artists, racial injustice and public monuments and memorials

  • Theresa Gielissen Bloodworth

    Theresa Gielissen Bloodworth


    English as a Second Language, English for Academic Purposes, Business English

  • Jill Bowen

    Jill Bowen

    Curriculum and Space Manager

  • Lisa C Breglia

    Lisa C Breglia

    Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs

    Associate Professor

    Globalization; Energy, Environment and Sustainability; Political economy of resources; Museums, Heritage, Cultural Policy; Tourism; Mexico, Latin America; Ethnography

  • Alecia Bryan

    Alecia Bryan

    Director of Advancement Communication


  • Jennie Bush

    Jennie Bush

    Faculty Affairs Assistant


  • Kendall Reed Cage

    Kendall Reed Cage

    Graduate Professional Assistant

  • Xiaomei Cai

    Xiaomei Cai

    Director of Faculty Diversity

    Associate Professor,Undergraduate Honors Director

    Children and media; Media effects; online privacy

  • Dawn Cassidy

    Dawn Cassidy

    Development Operations Manager

  • Tahani Chaudhry

    Tahani Chaudhry

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Charles Chavis

    Charles Chavis

    Assistant Professor

  • Janice M. Cohen

    Janice M. Cohen

    Director, Finance & Research Operations


  • David Powers Corwin

    David Powers Corwin

    Assistant Professor

    LGBTQ+ Studies; friendship studies; television studies; trauma rhetoric; gender and sexuality in Appalachia; role of gender equity centers in higher education



  • Eric Eisner

    Eric Eisner

    Associate Professor

    18th and 19th century British literature and culture, esp. Romanticism; lyric poetry; history of reading; literary and cultural theory

  • Omnia Elgendy

    Omnia Elgendy

    Budget Analyst


  • Erin Fay

    Erin Fay

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Sasha Flowers

    Sasha Flowers

    Graduate Research Assistant

    equity-informed implementation science, barriers to culturally responsive evidence-based practice delivery, cultural humility of clinicians, authentic therapeutic relationships, mindfulness, interoceptive awareness

  • Beth M Foote

    Beth M Foote

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Abby Fry

    Abby Fry

    Graduate Research Assistant




  • Rachel Jones

    Rachel Jones

    Associate Professor

    19th & 20th century continental philosophy, feminist philosophy, aesthetics

  • Marissa Joyce

    Marissa Joyce

    Social Media Manager


  • Haroon Kakar

    Haroon Kakar

    Web Designer/Developer

  • Gracie Grace Kelly

    Gracie Grace Kelly

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Aleezay Khaliq

    Aleezay Khaliq

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Immigration, Social capital, Community engagement, Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Belonging, Globalization.

  • Marissa Kiss

    Marissa Kiss

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    Immigration, Inequality, Race, and Sports

  • Kristen Koehler

    Kristen Koehler

    Assistant Dean, Strategic Communications and Marketing



  • Gustavo I Lanz
  • Rachel E Lindsey

    Rachel E Lindsey

    Assistant Director, Career Education, Career Services and CHSS Undergraduate Academic Affairs


  • Angelina Locker

    Angelina Locker

    Postdoctoral Fellow

    Biocultural archaeology; migration; kinship; social complexity, legitimization of power; isotope geochemistry; ancient DNA; memory; place-making; mortuary archaeology; archaeological science; human-environment interaction; resilience; household and settlement archaeology. Geographic foci include Belize, Mesoamerica, and Romania.

  • Samaine Lockwood

    Samaine Lockwood

    Associate Professor

    nineteenth-century American literature; gender and sexuality studies; research methods; queer theory


  • Alex Ma

    Alex Ma

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Cognitive Neuroscience of Timing, Computational Cognitive Neuroscience

  • Alice Magelssen-Green
  • Laura N Martin

    Laura N Martin

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Childhood Trauma, PTSD, Couples, and Family Functioning, Parenting, Emotion Regulation, Early Maltreatment

  • Lalah R Masood

    Lalah R Masood

    HR and Finance Analyst

  • Katherine D Maultsby

    Katherine D Maultsby

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Shannon McCarthy

    Shannon McCarthy

    Marketing Specialist for Graduate Programs

  • Jenna M McGwin

    Jenna M McGwin

    Director, Operations and Initiatives

  • Erin McSherry

    Erin McSherry

    Assistant Dean for Student Success


  • Leeya Mehta

    Leeya Mehta


    Nationalism, intergenerational trauma, and breaking cycles of violence through individual and civic agency. Mehta's column, The Company We Keep, on the reading and writing life, appears in the Independent, exploring the life of social justice and the contemporary imagination.

  • Rebecca Rose Mendoza

    Rebecca Rose Mendoza

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Leo Augustus Miller

    Leo Augustus Miller

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Eating disorders, Alcohol and Substance Use, Treatment Innovation, LGBTQ, Minority Stress, Gender Dysphoria, Underrepresented Communities, fMRI, Transdiagnostic Mechanisms, Scholar-Activist

  • Irene Mills

    Irene Mills

    Associate Director of Budget


  • Joan Mlotkowski

    Joan Mlotkowski

    Human Resources Coordinator

  • Ilona Moore

    Ilona Moore

    Assistant Professor

    Global south-north relations; geopolitics of development; food, agriculture and hunger; political economy; critical social theory; human security; food security; Indo-US relations; South Asia; US foreign policy.

  • Heather E Moss

    Heather E Moss

    Assistant Director of Events and Community Engagement



  • Prashamsa Pandey

    Prashamsa Pandey

    Graduate Professional Assistant

  • Sachita Pandey

    Sachita Pandey

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Health Communication Diplomacy and Public Affairs Climate Change Communication Integration of Media, Culture & Communication

  • Sun-Young Park

    Sun-Young Park

    Associate Professor

    19th-century Europe, modern France, architectural and urban history, history of medicine, cultural historiography and methods

  • Shyam V Patel

    Shyam V Patel

    Assistant Professor

  • Rashmi Pershad

    Rashmi Pershad

    Associate Director of Pre-Award Research Administration


    Research administration:operations, proposal submission, training and compliance

  • Christy L Pichichero

    Christy L Pichichero

    Associate Professor

    Early Modern, Enlightenment, Revolutionary History, Literature, Art, & Music of the French Empire; Theories, Histories, and Practices of African Diaspora; Slavery & its Afterlives; War & Culture; Critical Race & Mixed-Race Studies; Gender & Sexuality; Human Rights & Social Justice; Theater; Film; Digital Humanities; Medical History; History of Emotion; Women’s Writing & History; History of News & Information Networks; Critical Pedagogy; Inclusive Pedagogy & Curricular Design; Student/Faculty Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Wellbeing; Faculty, Graduate, Undergraduate Recruitment, Retention, & Mentoring; Academic and Community Activism, Academe & Politics.



  • Kevin C Ramseur II

    Kevin C Ramseur II

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Gendered Racism; Mental Health Equity; Qualitative Research; CBPR

  • Marguerite Rippy

    Marguerite Rippy

    Associate Dean for Graduate Affairs

    Associate Professor

    Classic cinema, Orson Welles and the origins of "truthiness" in performance, transindigenous adaptations of Shakespeare, and performing gendered and racialized sexualities from Shakespeare to Hollywood.

  • Clara Robertello

    Clara Robertello

    Graduate Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator

  • Andrew E Rudd

    Andrew E Rudd

    Assistant Professor

    Basic Course


  • Mohammad R. Salama

    Mohammad R. Salama

    Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs


    Classical Arabic; Qur’anic Studies; Comparative Literature; Intellectual History, Postcolonialism

  • May Santiago

    May Santiago

    Graduate Teaching Assistant, SOC Co-Chair

    Cinema studies, genre cinema theory, decolonization, Puerto Rican identity studies, queer and feminist media studies

  • Kenneth B Santos

    Kenneth B Santos

    Post Award Research Administrator

  • Michele S. Schwietz

    Michele S. Schwietz

    Associate Dean for Research


    Internationalization of the Academic Profession, Qualitative and Ethnographic Research, Higher Education Administration

  • Lindsay S. Shaffer

    Lindsay S. Shaffer

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    electrophysiology, decision-making, prefrontal cortex, systems neuroscience

  • Olga Shchepina

    Olga Shchepina

    Associate Director, Post Award Services


  • Helen Hargreaves Smith

    Helen Hargreaves Smith

    Graduate Professional Assistant

  • David R Soorenko

    David R Soorenko

    Senior Academic Affairs Coordinator





  • Sajida Yasmeen

    Sajida Yasmeen

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Borderline personality disorder, predictors (e.g., criminogenic thinking) of substance use and recidivism among correctional populations, protective factors (e.g., religion) for substance misuse among correctional populations

  • Alexa Young

    Alexa Young

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Spatial navigation, Anxiety & Depression

  • Kevin Christopher Young

    Kevin Christopher Young

    Assistant Professor


  • Craig Zaccaro

    Craig Zaccaro

    Associate Director of IT and Application Development

    Application Design and Architecture, Test-Driven Development, Object-Oriented Programming