Alumni and Giving

Alumni and Giving

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences boasts more than 64,000 incredible alumni. Your work and service stretch to all 50 states and around the world. Your support strengthens our students and programs as we continue to build many paths to success. 


You are Changing the World.

You are entrepreneurs, managers, financial specialists, and educators. You are leading nonprofits, analyzing cyber security measures, working to solve global social challenges, and shaping public policy.

We are proud of your contributions and your willingness to help our students succeed.


Every fall, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences recognizes distinguished alumni from each academic department. These alumni are selected based on professional accomplishments in their field; awards and recognition; service and contributions to their department, college, and university; community, national and/or international service or civic engagement; philanthropic activities; enhancement of alumni and community engagement at Mason; and advocacy on behalf of the department, college, or university.


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