Qualtrics is an online survey tool that is very popular with researchers because of the combination of power and ease of use. It has many tools for branching and randomization and can output data as a fully-labeled SPSS file (in addition to standard Excel and csv). 

George Mason University has a university-wide license for Qualtrics. All students, faculty, and staff are allowed an account, but access is managed locally (either school, department, center, or other unit). 

Mason Libraries provides some useful resources for Qualtrics on their Survey Software webpage.

The following contacts administer Qualtrics for CHSS.
First Name Last Name Department Center Email
Jenna McGwin CHSS   jmcgwin@gmu.edu
Michele S. Schwietz CHSS   mschwiet@gmu.edu
Craig Zaccaro CHSS   czaccaro@gmu.edu
Brittany   Sanders Communication   bsander7@gmu.edu
Linda M  Merola Criminology, Law and Society   lmerola@gmu.edu
Roger Lancaster Cultural Studies Program   rlancast@gmu.edu
Shams Bahabib Economics   sbahabib@gmu.edu
Heidi  Lawrence English   hlawren2@gmu.edu
Katie Richards Higher Education kricha22@gmu.edu
Esperanza Roman-Mendoza Modern and Classical Languages   eromanme@gmu.edu
Misty Krell  School of Integrative Studies   mkrell@gmu.edu
David Cerri  Psychology   dcerri@gmu.edu
Farhana Islam SOAN   fislam2@gmu.edu
Angela J Hattery Women and Gender Studies   ahattery@gmu.edu
Teresa          Myers              Center for Climate Change Communication tmyers6@gmu.edu      
John Kotcher   Center for Climate Change Communication jkotcher@gmu.edu
Katharine  Rupp   Center for Social Science Research (CSSR) krupp@gmu.edu
Mary       Horner          Center for the Advancement of Well-Being mhorner6@gmu.edu     
Lydia Craig   Center for the Advancement of Well-Being lcraig3@gmu.edu
Erika Marquina Global Affairs   emarquin@gmu.edu