Community Impact

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences at George Mason University leads research that leads to action—action that is making an impact on solving the world’s most pressing challenges of our time.

From leading the charge toward a sustainable future and fostering advancements in mental health to shaping ethical human technology and driving social change, among many others, our scholarship extends beyond the classroom. We lead partnerships and we thrive on collaboration. We empower our students, faculty, and alumni to be change-makers that strengthen our communities.

We have no hope of solving our problems without harnessing the energy and creativity of all our people.
--Roger Wilkins, African American civil rights leader, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, and Mason Robinson Professor 

  • Our students participate in experiential learning and internship programs that provide valuable work experiences, service-based learning, and advocacy through community organizations.
  • Our students graduate with the ability to approach topics with curiosity and the intellectual flexibility needed to approach complex projects with confidence while bringing together multiple perspectives.
  • Our world-class faculty connect their expertise to address the interconnected needs and priorities of our local and global communities.