A New Definition of Excellence

We measure our success by the benefit we bring to our students, our community, and the world.

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Mason's largest academic unit, provides an intellectual foundation for all of the university's students. The college houses a wide range of disciplines that confront essential questions about our lives and our world and bring the human perspective to the university and all other fields of study. This is where you will find the disciplines that form the backbone of traditional university education as well as newer, interdisciplinary programs, all of which are geared towards equipping our students for a rich, satisfying, and productive human life.

We believe that the humanities and social sciences are not a luxury, but a necessity. They are the best means to educate our students to think critically, communicate clearly, and gain the intellectual flexibility needed to address today's national and global problems. We also believe that contemporary society requires the human insight and wisdom gained from their study more than ever. In short, we believe the humanities and social sciences are worthy of study in themselves and, at the same time, the best preparation for any future career.

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