Graduate Assistants


  • Angela N Barajas

    Angela N Barajas

    Graduate Teaching Assistant, SOC Co-Chair

    Fanship Studies, Pop Culture




  • Erin Fay

    Erin Fay

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Sasha Flowers

    Sasha Flowers

    Graduate Research Assistant

    equity-informed implementation science, barriers to culturally responsive evidence-based practice delivery, cultural humility of clinicians, authentic therapeutic relationships, mindfulness, interoceptive awareness

  • Beth M Foote

    Beth M Foote

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Abby Fry

    Abby Fry

    Graduate Research Assistant


  • Emily Linda Gerson

    Emily Linda Gerson

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Susan V Grunder

    Susan V Grunder

    Graduate Professional Assistant

    Higher Education, Student Affairs, Student Engagement, Spirituality, and institutions with religious affiliations


  • Rafael Hernández Dubon

    Rafael Hernández Dubon

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Latinx psychology, addiction, substance use, systems of oppression, spirituality, religiosity, parent-child interactions, culturally enhancing assessment, and interventions.

  • Cristopher Lance Hinagpis

    Cristopher Lance Hinagpis

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Social Support, Social Constraint, Chronic Pain, Psychological Well-Being, Stress


  • Gracie Grace Kelly

    Gracie Grace Kelly

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Aleezay Khaliq

    Aleezay Khaliq

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Immigration, Social capital, Community engagement, Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Belonging, Globalization.


  • Alex Ma

    Alex Ma

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Cognitive Neuroscience of Timing, Computational Cognitive Neuroscience

  • Laura N Martin

    Laura N Martin

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Childhood Trauma, PTSD, Couples, and Family Functioning, Parenting, Emotion Regulation, Early Maltreatment

  • Katherine D Maultsby

    Katherine D Maultsby

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Rebecca Rose Mendoza

    Rebecca Rose Mendoza

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Leo Augustus Miller

    Leo Augustus Miller

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Eating disorders, Alcohol and Substance Use, Treatment Innovation, LGBTQ, Minority Stress, Gender Dysphoria, Underrepresented Communities, fMRI, Transdiagnostic Mechanisms, Scholar-Activist


  • Prashamsa Pandey

    Prashamsa Pandey

    Graduate Professional Assistant

  • Sachita Pandey

    Sachita Pandey

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Health Communication Diplomacy and Public Affairs Climate Change Communication Integration of Media, Culture & Communication


  • Kevin C Ramseur II

    Kevin C Ramseur II

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Gendered Racism; Mental Health Equity; Qualitative Research; CBPR



  • Maggie Webb

    Maggie Webb

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Self perception, future thinking, vividness of thought, delinquency, recidivism, suicide, depression, brief interventions


  • Sajida Yasmeen

    Sajida Yasmeen

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Borderline personality disorder, predictors (e.g., criminogenic thinking) of substance use and recidivism among correctional populations, protective factors (e.g., religion) for substance misuse among correctional populations

  • Alexa Young

    Alexa Young

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Spatial navigation, Anxiety & Depression