School of Integrative Studies/Bachelor of Individualized Study

CHSS Distinguished Alumni

Lulu Géza Kelemen

BA Integrative Studies '11, CERG Women and Gender Studies '15, MA Sociology '15

Lulu Géza Keleman is a double-graduate of George Mason University, earning their bachelor of arts in integrative studies and minors in both women and gender studies with an LGBTQ focus and African and African American studies in 2011, and a master of arts in sociology in 2015.  

Their thesis focused on the intersections of athletic and gender identity and expression at the university level. During Géza Keleman’s time as a student they worked in a variety of positions at Mason, which helped them realize a love for education, equity, and justice, which has led directly to the work they do now.  

Géza Keleman is currently the assistant director for the LGBTQ+ Resources Center at Mason. Among other student-centered projects, their portfolio includes running our Safe Zone Allyship Education Program, and coordination of both the LGBTQ+ Learning Community and the LGBTQ+ Mentoring Program.