CHSS Distinguished Alumni - Cultural Studies

CHSS Distinguished Alumni

Elena Razlogova

PhD Cultural Studies '04

Elena Razlogova received her BA from the University of California at Berkeley, her MA from New York University, and her PhD from George Mason University. She an associate professor of history at Concordia University in Montreal, specializing in the history of the United States, the global Cold War, and digital culture.  
Razlogova is the author of The Listener's Voice: Early Radio and the American Public (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2011) and co-editor of the “Radical Histories in Digital Culture” issue of the Radical History Review (Duke University Press, Fall 2013). She is a member of the Radio Preservation Task Force, created by the Library of Congress to preserve U.S. radio heritage. She has published articles on U.S. radio history, music recommendation, and recognition algorithms, film translation, Global South cinema networks, and Soviet international film festivals. She is currently working on two book projects, “A Cinematic International: Global Liberation Routes through Moscow and Tashkent” and “Fleecing Freeform: WFMU, Open Source Software, and the Rise of Algorithmic Music Culture.”