University Requirements for all Minors

Students may elect minor programs of study in addition to major fields by completing the form below.

To earn a minor, students must satisfy all applicable university requirements below and all requirements established by the faculty of the minor program. Programs may impose more stringent requirements than those listed here.

  • Minors require between 15 and 21 credits of study.
  • 8 credits of the minor coursework can be applied only to that minor and may not be used to fulfill requirements of the student’s major, concentration, an undergraduate certificate, or another minor.
  • Students must complete at least 6 credits in their minor at Mason.
  • Students must achieve a minimum 2.00 GPA in courses applied to the minor.

See the Academic Policies chapter of the University Catalog for all other university requirements and policies.

This information is from the Academic Policies chapter of the University Catalog 2013-2014. The catalog is the official statement of all university policies.