University Requirements for Accelerated Master's Degree Programs

The university offers a number of combined bachelor’s and accelerated master’s degree programs for academically strong Mason undergraduates with a commitment to research or graduate or professional studies. Students admitted into these programs may take a number of graduate courses in their field of study (with permission from their undergraduate and graduate advisors) after achieving 90 undergraduate credits and fulfilling all prerequisites. A maximum of 6 graduate credits completed with a 3.00 GPA or better in each course will apply to the undergraduate degree and give the student advanced standing in the related Mason master’s program. A maximum of 6 graduate credits may also be taken as reserve graduate credit and only applied to the master’s.

Students in an accelerated degree program must fulfill all university requirements for the master’s degree, including a minimum of 18 applicable graduate credits taken after the bachelor’s degree has been completed and posted to the student’s academic record. More information is available in the various schools and institutes. Admission is competitive; undergraduates are advised to inquire early in their undergraduate careers. Applications must be approved by the undergraduate coordinator in the student’s major program, the graduate coordinator in the graduate school or department, and the relevant graduate associate dean. The university waives the graduate application fee for Mason undergraduates.

This information is from the Academic Policies chapter of the University Catalog 2013-2014. The catalog is the official statement of all university policies.