Applying for Non-Degree Graduate Study

If you hold an undergraduate degree, you may be eligible to take graduate classes that may later be transferred to a degree program.  Prospective students apply for non-degree graduate study online using the Application for Graduate Study. 

√  Review Non-Degree Application Requirements

  • Non-degree applications are processed centrally by the University's Office of Graduate Admissions. Questions about non-degree applications and deadlines should be directed to the University's Office of Graduate Admissions.

√  Check Restricted Fields

  • While many graduate courses are open to non-degree students, some fields are restricted to students in degree programs. Review the list of restricted fields before applying for non-degree study.

√  Submit Your Application by the Deadline

  • Submit your application online and send official documents before the deadline. For summer 2018, the deadline is May 7, 2018. For fall 2018, the deadline is August 13, 2018. 

Resources: Non-Degree Graduate Study

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