Deans Office

  • Ann L Ardis

    Ann L Ardis



    British modernism; technologies of culture; periodical press history; gender

  • Jill Bowen

    Jill Bowen

    Curriculum and Space Manager

  • Lisa C Breglia

    Lisa C Breglia

    Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs

    Associate Professor

    Globalization; Energy, Environment and Sustainability; Political economy of resources; Museums, Heritage, Cultural Policy; Tourism; Mexico, Latin America; Ethnography

  • Alecia Bryan

    Alecia Bryan

    Associate Director of Development


  • Felicia Carr

    Felicia Carr

    Assistant Dean, Strategic Communications and Marketing


    19th-Century American Popular Culture, Digital Literacy, Digital History

  • Dawn Cassidy

    Dawn Cassidy

    Development Operations Manager

  • Janice M. Cohen

    Janice M. Cohen

    Director, Finance & Research Operations


  • Danny Collier

    Danny Collier

    Director of IT and Web Development

    Assistant Professor

  • Nadia Daghistani

    Nadia Daghistani

    Assistant Director of Development

  • Raymond M Davis

    Raymond M Davis

    Associate Director for Major Gifts


  • Kimberly S Dight

    Kimberly S Dight

    Executive Director of Finance and Human Resources


  • Omnia Elgendy
  • David Gibson

    David Gibson

    Senior Academic Affairs Coordinator

  • Brooke A. Gowl

    Brooke A. Gowl

    Associate Director of Research Development


  • Judith A Herbert

    Judith A Herbert

    Administrative Assistant

  • Stephanie Hinnenkamp

    Stephanie Hinnenkamp

    Assistant Director of Graduate Enrollment

  • Katy E Hoepf

    Katy E Hoepf

    Academic Advisor

  • Sarah Holland

    Sarah Holland

    Marketing Specialist

  • Diana Keay

    Diana Keay

    Academic Success Advisor

  • Jaime Lester

    Jaime Lester

    Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs and Strategic Initiatives


    Learning Data Analytics: Providing Actionable Insights to Increase College Student Success; Mid-career Faculty; Role of Higher Education Search Firms in Diversifying Leadership

  • Rachel E Lindsey

    Rachel E Lindsey

    Assistant Director, Career Education, Career Services and CHSS Undergraduate Academic Affairs


  • Troy J. Lowery

    Troy J. Lowery

    Director of Student Outreach


  • Jenna M McGwin

    Jenna M McGwin

    Associate Director, Operations and Initiatives

  • Erin McSherry

    Erin McSherry

    Assistant Dean for Student Success


  • Irene Mills

    Irene Mills

    Associate Director of Budget


  • Joan Mlotkowski

    Joan Mlotkowski

    Human Resources Coordinator

  • Nikki Jerome Ouellette

    Nikki Jerome Ouellette

    Associate Director of Leadership Annual Giving


  • Anne Reynolds

    Anne Reynolds

    Senior Editor/Writer


  • Marguerite Rippy

    Marguerite Rippy

    Associate Dean for Graduate Affairs

    Associate Professor

    Classic cinema, Orson Welles and the origins of "truthiness" in performance, transindigenous adaptations of Shakespeare, and performing gendered and racialized sexualities from Shakespeare to Hollywood.

  • Clara Robertello

    Clara Robertello

    Graduate Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator

  • Michele S. Schwietz

    Michele S. Schwietz

    Associate Dean for Research


    Internationalization of the Academic Profession, Qualitative and Ethnographic Research, Higher Education Administration

  • Olga Shchepina

    Olga Shchepina

    Associate Director, Post Award Services


  • David R Soorenko

    David R Soorenko

    Senior Academic Affairs Coordinator

  • Shirley Steppe

    Shirley Steppe

    Fiscal Technician and Travel Coordinator

  • Briana M. Stewart

    Briana M. Stewart

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Instructional communication, professional and technical writing, organizational communication, and leadership

  • Kevin Stoy

    Kevin Stoy

    Associate Director of Development


    Community-based research, curriculum development, study abroad, research methods, creative writing.

  • Anjanette Trebing

    Anjanette Trebing

    Office Manager

  • Susan A Turriziani

    Susan A Turriziani

    Associate Director for Graduate Academic Affairs

  • Mike S Washburn

    Mike S Washburn

    Grants Analyst

  • Eleanor Copeland Weis

    Eleanor Copeland Weis

    Director of Development


  • Craig Zaccaro

    Craig Zaccaro

    Software Developer