Explore D.C. With CHSS

One of Mason's greatest assets is its location, with the nation's capital, Washington, D.C., less than 20 miles away from our Fairfax campus and right across the Potomac River from our Arlington Campus (Mason Square). As a student in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS), you will find that D.C. is our classroom as well as a fascinating place to enrich our university experience. Check out our Instagram reel below to learn some fun facts about how our programs are directly linked to many D.C. landmarks. Explore what's available just a short drive away!


  • The George Mason Memorial in Washington DC"I'm an out-of-state student so being able to see the monument and museums was huge. I've also been to a ton of great concerts because a lot of artists come to DC."
  • Global Politics Fellows on Capitol Hill"I have had two internships in DC. One in the House of Representatives. The other was with a federal policy and advocacy firm. Both of these experiences have been integral to my academic-professional growth in the realm of public policy/government."
  • Students sitting under a cherry blossom tree"Going to the Cherry Blossom Festival and it was beautiful. A ton of really cool floats - the taiko drums were my favorite."
  • Book of Shakespeare in Folger Library"Seeing manuscripts (including Shakespeare's signature) at the Folger Library!"
  • National Press Club briefing"Winning a scholarship from the American News Women's Club at the National Press Club where I got to meet many big-name journalists like Wolf Blitzer, Andrea Mitchell, Diane Rehn, and Chris Matthews."
  • Aerial shot of thousands of people at Women's March on Washington"Walking with 250,000 fellow activists at the Women's March on Washington!"
  • Aerial shot of kite at the DC Kite Festival"A few classmates and I flew kites at a social justice-themed protest during the National Kite Festival as part of our experiential learning requirements for a class."
  • The Embassy of Chad located in Washington, D.C."I had an amazing internship with Washington Performing Arts' Embassy Adoption Program which took me to various public schools and embassies all over DC!"
  • D.C's Funk Parade on U Street"The U Street corridor's annual Funk Parade in May is a truly memorable experience and a real expression of DC and the Metro area's cultural identity."
  • Aerial shot of the Lincoln Memorial"At night, I stood where Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and this overwhelming feeling came over me, and I just began to cry because of how moving the experience was."
  • Washington D.C.'s Capital One Arena "I went to a Wizards/Cavs game and it turned out to be one of the best regular season games of the year! LeBron hit a buzzer beater half court shot!"

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