Career Planning

Today’s hiring managers, including those at big tech companies, are looking to hire people with human power skills: communication and inter-cultural competencies; teamwork and conflict management skills; research, critical analysis, and information assessment skills.

Our humanities, social sciences, and interdisciplinary education equips students with those skills—the key skills needed to bring leadership, innovation, and global understanding to address existing and emerging challenges.

Limitless possibilities

A humanities and social sciences degree is the foundation of a dynamic and versatile career path.

  • Discover diverse career paths. A degree in the humanities and social sciences opens pathways to roles ranging from CEOs and trailblazing entrepreneurs to non-profit leaders, and agents of global change.
  • Gain a global perspective. A global outlook suits careers diplomacy, international relations, and global business.
  • Excel in communication. This valuable skill is important in any industry.
  • Conduct research of consequence. Lead research in markets, society, and policy—your degree makes an impact.
  • Up-skill or re-skill. Boost or change your career with a graduate certificate or graduate degree.

Start shaping your future today! Explore the vast potential that awaits you as a graduate with a humanities and social sciences degree. 

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