Scholarships and Funding

Most funding for graduate study is at the departmental level. Departments have funds to recruit outstanding applicants, and some faculty support graduate students with external research funding. For more information, contact the director of your graduate program. Departments generally make these kinds of funding awards.

Graduate Research Assistantships (GRAs)

Students with GRA appointments are expected to support faculty research. Full-time GRAs are expected to work 20 hours per week and can receive up to 12 credits of tuition waiver; half time GRAs, working 10 hours a week, receive up to 6 credits.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs)

GTAs support the department by engaging in activities related to teaching. These can include: teaching sections of courses/labs, supporting instructors teaching large sections, tutoring, advising, and curriculum development. GTA awards may or may not come with a tuition waiver.

Tuition Waivers

Students may be awarded a certain dollar amount to be applied to tuition. Students with tuition waivers must be appointed to either a GRA or GTA position.


Fellowships are monetary awards made to the highest qualified students. No service to the department or university is required for these awards.

Internal Funding Resources

External Funding Resources

CHSS Dean's Challenge Scholarships

Employment on Campus

Full-time and part-time employees at George Mason are eligible for partial tuition exemption as a benefit of employment. Students are also eligible to apply for wage positions at the university. These positions offer the benefit of allowing the student to work and pursue study at the same location, but do not carry tuition benefits. For more information, see the Student Wage section of the Human Resources web site.

Current Students

Students can apply to the Graduate Student Travel Fund for support to attend professional conferences. Groups of students can seek support for new or existing organizations from Student Organizations. For financial support for programming (e.g. films, lectures) they can apply to the Student Funding Board. Research Development Services provides support to faculty, students and staff in identifying and seeking funding to increase George Mason’s funded research base.