College of Humanities and Social Sciences
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

International Conference Travel Supplements

The College recognizes the value of faculty participation at prestigious international conferences.  Given that travel to these conferences may be cost prohibitive, CHSS established a fund to help defray a portion of the travel costs for international overseas conference participation.

Requests for international conference travel supplements dated September 1, 2014 or after that involve travel to Canada or Mexico will no longer be eligible for support.


All CHSS tenured and tenure-track faculty may apply for a travel supplement. They must be scheduled to participate at an international conference as paper presenter, discussant, panel or chair of a panel or session. Recipients of previous international travel supplements are eligible to apply but priority will go to faculty who did not receive supplemental support in the past.


The maximum travel supplement is $500.

Application Process

Eligible faculty should notify their chair or director when considering participation at an international conference. Faculty should identify the name of the conference, the location of the conference, and her/his role on the program (paper title and the name of the session/panel to which it has been assigned; name of the session/panel if serving as discussant or chair).

The chair or director forwards the request to with an endorsement and an indication that the department will provide partial support of at least $500 if the faculty member’s participation is approved for the conference program. Upon any reasonable verification that the faculty member will appear on the conference program (for example, copy of acceptance notice, copy of program listing, et cetera), the funds will be released to the respective unit.

Application Cycle

Because faculty learn of international conference opportunities throughout the year, the dean’s office takes requests throughout the year, pending funding.  Chairs and directors are encouraged to forward the request for supplemental college support as soon as departmental support has been approved.

Other Information

Expenses must be reconciled in the fiscal year of the award. This may be a serious inconvenience to faculty whose travel dates are close to the end of the fiscal year (June 30). If that is the case, faculty who receive these awards are invited to contact Michele Schwietz ( to work out the details for support.

For further information or questions please call 703-993-5569 or e-mail  Please indicate “International Conference Travel – Faculty Name” on the subject line of all electronic correspondence.

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