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College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Faculty Research and Development Awards

Faculty Research and Development Awards (FRDA), funded by CHSS, are designed to help faculty initiate new programs of research and scholarship or enhance existing ones.  The primary objective of these awards is to provide seed money that will lead, where possible, to further support from external sponsors.  The likelihood that a proposed project will gain subsequent outside funding will be a factor in the evaluation of proposals.  The expectation for future external support need not be read as requiring immediate submission of a grant or fellowship application following the FRDA.  Rather, it is recognized that this award may provide early support for positioning oneself for successful external research support in the future. 

The FRDA Call for Proposals is distributed to all CHSS tenure-track and tenured faculty.  The FY 2017 Call for Proposals was distributed on September 12, 2016 with an October 14, 2016 deadline. 

Single investigator awards:  Proposals may request support for research costs ranging from $1,000 to $5,000.

Interdisciplinary awards representing two CHSS departments/units/disciplines:  Proposals may request support for research costs up to $8,000.

Interdisciplinary research awards representing three or more CHSS department/disciplines:  Proposals may request support for research costs up to $10,000.

Please note:  Interdisciplinary proposals that cross colleges will be considered if appropriate cost sharing by the partnership college is included.


Tenured and tenure-track faculty members are eligible to apply.  Faculty who have previously received an FRDA award may apply for a second award only if they have:

  • Fulfilled the terms of their first FRDA award
  • Submitted the required Accomplishment Report
  • Submitted at least one proposal for external funding as a direct result of the FRDA

Priority will be given to faculty members early in their career or those who have not previously received an FRDA award.

Application Process

Proposals are due by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 14, 2016.  Please see the "call for proposals" for proposal preparation and submission information.

Budget support

The budget should be appropriate for the project and line items should be listed, along with a breakdown and explanation of all expenses.

Eligible expenses include student labor, travel for research related activities, research supplies, and professional development activities central to the research.

The FRDA does not support course releases, supplemental salary, conference travel expenses or the purchase of computers.

Review Criteria

  • Description of Proposed Research: The goals and objectives of the project should be clearly defined in terms of the research focus.
  • Relevance and Novelty of Proposed Research: The project should advance knowledge in the area of study or propose new models for work in the field.
  • Research Strategy: The proposed method/strategy/plan should be adequate to address the proposed topic.  Provide a description of the information or data, access to relevant data, the project design and plan, form of the analyses where appropriate, explicit timeline for completion of the project, and resource requirements and availability.
  • Proposed Budget: The budget should meet eligibility requirements, be appropriate for the project and sufficiently justified.
  • Potential for Future Funding: The selected research issue should have sufficient potential for follow-up funding in the near-term or later-term.  Potential sponsors should be identified where possible and the relationship between a sponsor and the proposed research should be explained.

Final Report 

A brief one-page report that highlights the major accomplishments and success of the supported work should be submitted as a word document attachment to by September 30 of the year after the award is made. 

Other Information

For further information or questions, please e-mail Please indicate FRDA on the subject line for electronic correspondence.

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