PhD in Psychology

Karin Pedemonte

Karin Pedemonte, 2021

PhD in Psychology

Pedemonte has performed extensive research into the role of young blood plasma in reducing neurocognitive impairments resulting from Alzheimer's disease.

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Fallon Goodman

Fallon Goodman, 2019

Fallon is studying clinical psychology as a research assistant in Dr. Todd Kashdan's lab, with research interests in emotion regulation and well-being.

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Tanya Tavassolie

Tanya Tavassolie, 2018

Tanya studied applied developmental psychology in Dr. Adam Winsler's lab, with research interests including policies for education, children and families.

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Evan Kleiman

Evan Kleiman, 2014

Developing novel interventions for suicide risk reduction

Evan Kleiman is continuing to study suicide prevention strategies as a postdoctoral fellow and lecturer in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University.

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Elizabeth Malouf

Elizabeth Malouf, 2014

Serving returning veterans

Elizabeth Malouf coordinates the Services for Returning Veterans - Mental Health at the Baltimore VA Medical Center.

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Katherine Zinsser

Katherine Zinsser, 2013

Furthering her research at the University of Illinois at Chicago

Katherine Zinsser was prepared by Mason to take on a competitive R1 research university and she is now teaching and researching in a field that fascinates her.

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