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Social Justice and Human Rights Concentration

The social justice and human rights concentration is designed to cultivate a deep theoretical understanding of the social, political, cultural, historical, and economic implications of a wide array of social injustices and human rights issues. Students are engaged in the applied process of imagining and actualizing holistic and complex strategies for creating and sustaining a more equitable, just, and humane world.

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Degree Requirements

Total credits: 36

Students should be aware of the specific policies associated with this program, located on the Admissions & Policies tab.

Students pursuing this degree must successfully complete 36 credits of graduate coursework in one of the concentrations which follow. Students must submit a curriculum worksheet that has been approved by their concentration head and the director. All students complete their work in the program with a project or thesis.

Required Course of Proseminar

MAIS 796 MAIS ProSeminar 1
Total Credits 1

Core Courses

Foundational Course  
INTS 540 Contemporary Issues in Social Justice Human Rights 3
Ecological Justice Course  
Select one course from the following: 3
CONF 682
Principles of Environmental Conflict Resolution  
Environmental Ethics  
Environment and Society  
Total Credits 6

Emphasis Courses

Select 9 credits of courses with an emphasis on a specific social justice or human rights issue or context or a specific region, chosen in consultation with a faculty advisor 1 9
Total Credits 9

Examples of issue emphases include racial justice, human trafficking, or children's rights. Context emphases examples include the education, corporate, or government sector. Regional emphases examples include the Middle East, Latin America, or Southeast Asia.


Select 12 electives from the following, chosen in consultation with a faculty advisor 1 12
CONF 601
Theories of Conflict and Conflict Resolution  
CONF 695
Selected Topics  
CONF 702
Peace Studies  
CONF 709
War, Violence, and Conflict Resolution  
CONF 720
Ethnic and Cultural Factors in Conflict Resolution  
CONF 722
Conflict and Religion  
CONF 723
Conflict and Gender  
CONF 728
Human Rights Theory and Practice in Comparative Perspective  
CONF 739
Collective Action, Social Movements, and Globalization  
CONF 746
Peace Building  
CONF 749
World Religions, Violence, and Conflict Resolution  
Diversity in Higher Education  
EDUC 537
Introduction to Culturally Linguistically Diverse Learners  
EDUC 892
Social Justice and Equity in International Education  
EDUC 894
Seminar in Multicultural Education  
GOVT 727
Restorative Justice  
GOVT 841
Ethics and Human Rights in International Affairs  
PUAD 642
Environmental Policy  
PUAD 649
Advocacy and Lobbying  
PUBP 736
International Migration and Public Policy  
PUBP 765
Human Smuggling and Trafficking  
Gender and Social Structure  
Racial and Ethnic Relations: American and Selected Global Perspectives  
Micro Sociology: Inequality and Everyday Life  
Special Topics (when topic is Narratives of Human Rights: Violations Against Women and Girls; Gender, Sexuality, and Human Rights; or Gender, Sexuality, and Disability)  
Feminist Theories across the Disciplines  
Women and Global Issues  
Total Credits 12

At least 6 of these credits must focus on a social justice or human rights issue, context, or region unrelated to the student's chosen emphasis.

Research Methods Course

HE 610 Research Designs in Higher Education 3
or WMST 610 Feminist Approaches to Social Research


MAIS 797 Interdisciplinary Studies Proposal 1
Total Credits 1

Project or Thesis

Select one from the following: 4
Interdisciplinary Studies Project  
Interdisciplinary Studies Thesis  
Total Credits 4
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