MA in Psychology

Ashley Taylor, 2023

Ashley Taylor

Describe your current area of research and/or your academic interests:

My main areas of interest in Industrial-Organizational Psychology include personnel selection, assessment, statistics, program management, talent development, and organizational design.

Why did you choose George Mason to pursue your studies?

George Mason was my first choice when it came to graduate programs in I-O. I knew that I wanted a program with a curriculum that emphasizes the importance of both research and application. When researching grad programs, I found that Mason's course options really checked off that box for me. Another reason why I chose George Mason was because of its proximity to Washington, D.C. This area is essentially a hub for I-O work!

Are there faculty or staff members who have made a difference thus far during your Mason career? Please give an example of this impact if possible.

Dr. Reeshad Dalal was very helpful as I neared graduation and was hunting for jobs. He spoke with me at length about my career options and even made some kind introductions for me. He is someone that all I-O students can go to discuss academics and career paths or to just have a great conversation.

How do you hope to use your degree and studies in the future?

I have already put my degree and studies to use in my internship at Navy Federal by supporting our DEI and talent development initiatives. As I near the end of my internship, I have been thinking of ways to continue applying the knowledge I have gained from this program. As a recent graduate, my "official" career is about to kick off and I plan to enter a role focused on personnel selection, organizational design, research and analysis, and more.

How do you plan to use your studies in the future to support social justice?

I plan to support social justice in my career by ensuring that fair, effective, and legally defensible hiring practices are in place within organizations. This includes protecting underrepresented groups' rights and utilizing the Uniform Guidelines and SIOP Principles as guides for developing selection systems.

How will the Dean’s Challenge scholarship support your studies?

The Dean's Challenge scholarship enables students like me to continue our education by paying for things such as loans, transportation to and from campus, textbooks, etc.