Applied Developmental Psychology Concentration

Katrina Gagliano, 2018

Katrina Gagliano

What are you doing now?

I currently work at AppleTree Institute for Education Innovation as a Research Associate on the Instructional Quality team. This organization is both a network public charter schools and a research institute, both dedicated to high-quality education experiences for 3 and 4-year olds in Washington, D.C. My role at AppleTree Institute is to support AppleTree teachers in their effective teaching through evidence-based practices. My time is split between direct data collection through classroom observations and child assessment, and behind-the-scenes work ranging from data analysis & interpretation to maintaining updated literature collections on best-practices in the world of early childhood education.


How did your time at Mason prepare you for your current position?

During my time at George Mason I gained skills that have directly translated into success in my current position. The following courses at GMU were particularly helpful in preparing me for current work in Washington, D.C.: Developmental Assessment, Cognitive/Perceptual Development, Black Psychology, and Applied Developmental Psychology. The ADP program also provided me with a variety of experiential learning opportunities which have given me an advantage in the field. In my time at Mason I managed a team of assessors in Dr. Pasnak's Cognitive Interventions lab, presented at conferences, and completed my practicum at AppleTree in developmental assessment (I was hired a couple years later)! By the time I started working full-time in education I was able to assist with all things research, as well as strengthen relationships with students, teachers and parents in the D.C. communities AppleTree serves.