MA in Philosophy

Sean Birdsey

Sean Birdsey, 2021

MA in Philosophy

An excellent student, Sean distinguished himself in the program's study abroad in connection with a course on Auschwitz.

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Turner Penton

Turner Penton, 2020

MA, Philosophy, 2020

A career as a corrections officer informed a compelling thesis on the ways in which prisons amputate existential possibility.

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Craig Barrett

Craig Barrett, 2015

2018 Distinguished Alumni - Philosophy

Barrett became licensed to practice law in New York in 2000, however the terrorist attacks a year later prompted Craig to join the United States Marine Corps. He was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in April of 2002 and later served as a Judge Advocate criminal defense counsel at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune.

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Matthew  Hawkins

Matthew Hawkins, 2015

Bringing religious thought to the public discourse

Matthew Hawkins advances dialogue on religion and ethics through his work with the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention.

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Christian A. Carrozzo

Christian A. Carrozzo, 2012

2019 Distinguished Alumni - Philosophy

Christian Carrozzo is founder of the Program for Neuroethics and Clinical Consciousness at the John J. Lynch, M.D., Center for Ethics, where he serves as senior scholar and resident faculty. The program serves as a special research unit, devoted to the intersections of philosophy, neuroscience, empirical psychology, and clinical neurology.

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Tanner Sewell

Tanner Sewell, 2012

Enhancing high school teaching with the Socratic method

Tanner Sewell uses his background in philosophy and psychology to develop the critical thinking abilities of his students at James Madison High School in Vienna, Virginia.

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Michelle de Stefano

Michelle de Stefano, 2012

Helping clients resolve big questions through art visualizations

Michelle De Stefano's interest in the philosophy of science, combined with her experience as a professional painter, led her to found Juncture Consulting/Juncture Visual Narratives, a company that promotes healing through visual narratives.

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Justin Marshall

Justin Marshall, 2009

A manager and digital marketing consultant

As manager of a large, Washington DC restaurant and a digital marketing consultant, Justin Marshall uses his philosophy degree to help find innovative solutions in two distinct settings.

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Laina Saul

Laina Saul, 2007

Using her philosophy training to pursue a doctoral degree in cultural studies

Laina Saul received her master's degree in philosophy in 2007 and is currently a doctoral candidate in George Mason University's cultural studies program.

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