MA in Global Affairs

Anna Cornacchio

Anna Cornacchio, 2015

Working in counterterrorism

After earning her master of arts in global affairs with a specialization in global conflicts and security, Anna Cornacchio serves as a criminal analyst for INTERPOL.

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Lance Ingram

Lance Ingram, 2015

Internships sparked further global study

Internships with the World Affairs Council of Greater Hampton Roads and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development led Lance Ingram to find greater understanding of global affairs.

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Tanya Katyal

Tanya Katyal, 2015

Combatting HIV/AIDS epidemic

Tanya Katyal's master of arts degree with a specialization in global health led to her position with the office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator, United States Department of State.

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Ramzi Kysia

Ramzi Kysia, 2015

Nonviolence ethic informed by global governance specialization

Ramzi Kysia's current PhD pursuit furthers his master's degree in global affairs with a specialization in global governance and public management, along with his work in nonviolence training around the world.

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Amina Derbi

Amina Derbi, 2014

Analyzing Global Markets

Amina Derbi works in the US Department of Commerce, where she researches and writes in the department's International Trade Administration.

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Tina Dimachkieh

Tina Dimachkieh, 2014

Supporting better procedures in criminal justice and policing throughout the world

Tina Dimachkieh works with the International Association of Chiefs of Police, helping to create seeds of change in policing and criminal justice across the globe.

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Kiren Bansal

Kiren Bansal, 2012

Sharing music across Southern California

Kiren Bansal is the director of business operations and development for a professional orchestra in southern California, supporting and promoting the artistic process.

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Fahad  Malik

Fahad Malik, 2012

Using his expertise in languages and international relations for the US government

Fahad Malik reads and analyzes foreign media for the US government, relying on the understanding gained at Mason about the interconnectedness of global societal issues.

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Catherine Welch

Catherine Welch, 2011

Studying US-Chinese relations

Catherine Welch's master of arts in global affairs with a specialization in global media and technology has contributed to her expertise in Chinese/world relations and cyber security.

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