MA in Foreign Languages

Niulka Franco Marin

Niulka Franco Marin

Niulka Franco's academic journey reflects her passion for education, languages, and cross-cultural exchange. As she told us, "Language serves as both a conduit for communication and a vessel for culture, but its true potency lies in its ability to catalyze profound transformation."

Niulka's diverse experiences highlight her commitment to transnational educational endeavors. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and International Studies, was awarded a U.S. Fulbright Fellowship in Argentina, and earned a Hispanic Studies Certificate in Seville, Spain. Currently, she is completing the MA in Foreign Languages with a concentration in Spanish as well as the graduate certificate Spanish Heritage Language Education Certificate.

Having taught university-level Spanish courses since 2018, Niulka now serves as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Spanish program, a position which provides her with a tuition waiver as well as a stipend. Her focus has honed in on leveraging technology for language learning and cultural exchange. As a future professor, Niulka aims to revolutionize language education, advocate for U.S. heritage speaking communities and programs, and foster inclusivity.

Her advice to future applicants and students: “Embrace every opportunity for growth and learning, recognizing the transformative power of languages to bridge cultural divides. Every instructor you’ll meet within the department will open new doors to understanding yourself, while expanding your current theoretical mindset of language pedagogy.”