MA in Foreign Languages

Grecia Chirinos Delgado

Grecia Chirinos Delgado

What things have you especially enjoyed learning / studying?

Throughout the years, I have witnessed several of my students, who are heritage speakers of Spanish, struggle with accepting their language variety and the impact this has on defining heir identity. Learning about language ideologies, the role of language in identity building, students’ motivations and attitudes, and how all this is connected and influences education, has opened my eyes to new knowledge that has allowed me to recognize, understand, and validate my students’ experiences. This process has been very empowering for me as an instructor and has given my teaching a stronger sense of purpose.

Any advice for future applicants or students?

Make sure to reach out to faculty members during the process of application. They are a tremendous source of information and will help you make this process more smooth. Keep in touch with them while studying, and always ask questions!