Linguistics Concentration

Sara Amiri

Sara Amiri, 2021

Since graduating, I have been teaching English language and literature at the secondary level at Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS). My linguistics knowledge has enabled me to further support my ELL students and improve accessibility to content overall. After all, linguistics is beneficial to all :)

Linh Buckley

Linh Buckley, 2021

Since graduating, I've been enjoying my position as a Computational Linguist at a software company that does data extraction. There are a few GMU alums there as well, and it's been exciting to use my knowledge from my MA outside of academia.

Maram Alharbi

Maram Alharbi, 2020

I am currently doing my doctorate degree in the linguistics program at University of Texas at Arlington. Texas’s been great so far (although I miss the colors of the Fall in Virginia!). I am thankful to all the faculty members at GMU as I wouldn’t be where I am today without their support. My experience at GMU has taught me a lot of things but the most important things I learned are to be my own personal best and to enjoy the journey even when it feels overwhelming. I am grateful for my days at GMU and I am excited to continue my educational journey at UTA.

Ahmed Ali Alzahrani

Ahmed Ali Alzahrani, 2020

Since my graduation from GMU, I’ve been teaching English classes back home to students from different backgrounds. The linguistics program in GMU made teaching English a lot more interesting than before. I’ve been applying new teaching methods in my classes with confidence. I have also been using the knowledge I acquired from GMU to analyze students errors in pronunciation and grammar to use them in my classes’ assessments. Currently, I’m trying to find the time to apply to the PhD linguistics program at GMU.

Ozoof AlGhamdi

Ozoof AlGhamdi, 2019

I earned my MA degree in Linguistics from George Mason University in 2019. I am currently working as a lecturer in the Department of Arts and Humanities at Jazan University in Saudi Arabia. I am proud and glad to say that with all the expertise I gained from my studies, I was able to teach multiple linguistics courses, including Language Acquisition, Phonology, Morphology and Syntax, Sociolinguistics, and Introduction to Linguistics. Obtaining the TESL certificate helped me teach English skills courses to second language learners.

Abdullah Aldukhayel

Abdullah Aldukhayel, 2019

After graduation, I have been appointed as a lecturer at the Saudi Electronic University, where I teach introductory linguistics courses as well as English language skills to second language learners. I also work as an English-Arabic consecutive interpreter at SIMAH Credit Rating Agency. Obtaining an MA degree in English and a TESL certificate at GMU allowed me to discover opportunities in different business lines. At the same time, I am currently pursuing admission to a Ph.D. in Linguistics as I am willing to continue my higher education journey!

Mounna Tamek

Mounna Tamek, 2019

At this time, Mounna Tamek is busy working as an online tutor for language and linguistics. She works for Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA), for an online tutoring company, and also does private tutoring. As a linguist, she tutors phonology, semantics, and other linguistic subdisciplines. As a language instructor, she tutors Arabic, English, grammar, and writing.