Accelerated MA in Middle East and Islamic Studies

Application Process

Preparing to Apply

Applicants to the accelerated masters in MEIS must have a cumulative GPA of 3.50.  Prior to graduating, students must demonstrate professional competency in one of five major languages of the Middle East and Muslim world: Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Hebrew, or Urdu. This requirement may be waived for accelerated students with the completion of a language course number 202 at Mason or 300 level course taught in a foreign language with a minimum grade C- prior to graduation.  Before applying, refer to the Accelerated Masters Guide and meet with your major advisor. To initiate the application process, email for an appointment with the MEIS Accelerated MA advisor.

In addition to the inquiry form and online application, submit the following requirements:

  • One letter of recommendation from an individual familiar with the applicant's qualifications for graduate study
  • Goal statement: 500 words statement explaining your interest in the program and how you would like to connect your graduate work to your career aspirations
  • Writing sample: 5-7 page paper or excerpt from an upper level course
  • Unofficial transcripts

When to Apply

Mason undergraduate students who have completed between 75 and 100 credits toward the bachelor’s degree are invited to apply.

Eligible students should contact their advisor to initiate the application process. Access the Accelerated Master’s Application Guide for more information.

Post Application

The application is processed by the Office of Graduate Admissions. If approved, you will receive a letter of admission to the accelerated master’s program and a graduate admissions approval letter for the term you officially begin the master’s program.

The official date for the start of your master’s degree is the semester immediately following your undergraduate graduation.

Accelerated master’s students must graduate from their undergraduate program in the semester specified on their application to the accelerated degree program. Changes to the timeline for conferral of the undergraduate degree must receive written approval by the graduate program director. Students must meet the University’s accelerated master’s program policies.

Failure to meet the terms of admission will result in termination from the accelerated master’s program.

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