BA in Sociology

Karmen Perry

Karmen Perry, 2021

Research Assistant I, Insight Policy Research

My sociology degree helped me gain skills in quantitative and qualitative analysis, survey development and writing. I was also well prepared to understand and address inequity in our society.

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Nathaniel Smith

Nathaniel Smith, 2021

Assistant to the Director, The Next Systems Studies Project at GMU’s Center for Social Science Research

Sociology offered me practical, scientific methods for analyzing our dynamic world.

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Melissa Bautista

Melissa Bautista, 2019

Academic Advisor, Northern Virginia Community College

Sociology has really helped me communicate effectively with my students both in English and Spanish and interact with them.

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Charles Holmes III

Charles Holmes III, 2018

Technologist, Worldwide Counter Threat Solutions

My time at GMU in the Sociology program helped to define my work ethic. I learned a lot about what it would take to succeed after leaving the university and what potential blockades may exist.

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Diana Mateo

Diana Mateo, 2018

Immigration Paralegal, Legal Aid Justice Center

Sociology taught me to critically question and analyze many aspects of our world, and, on a professional level, critical questions and analysis has made me a better advocate in the legal field for the immigrant community.

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MC Elias

MC Elias, 2016

Community Engagement Manager, Andela

As a community management professional, it’s important to have a deep understanding of human behavior and motivations.

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Ian Place

Ian Place, 2013

Co-Founder/COO, Burrata

I am currently the co-founder of a company called Burrata and we provide a compliance toolkit for blockchain developers. My BA in Sociology helped prepare me for this work by thinking about solutions to problems that further perpetuate inequality.

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