Students Celebrate Scholarships

CHSS Recognizes Students That Have Excelled

by B.J. Koubaroulis

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences hosted a celebratory luncheon on Friday, April 24, 2009, in honor of the 2009-2010 Dean’s Challenge Scholarships and Fellowships recipients.

Recipients of these awards are graduate and undergraduate students who are making academically challenging choices.

“It was a pleasure to meet some of the most talented students we have in the college and to be able to acknowledge their accomplishments in such a meaningful way,” said Evan Baum, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs.

The recipients met on campus at Damon’s Grille in an intimate setting with Dean Jack Censer and members of the dean’s staff. Dean Censer holds lunches throughout the school year with students from each of the academic departments.

“Each student was very grateful for being chosen for their award and was excited to learn that all of the financial support they would be receiving with it came entirely from alumni and friend donations to the college,” Baum said.

These winners will be recognized during the Celebration of Scholarship event in early October.

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