Topic for May 12 CHSS Research Virtual Coffee: FRDA Seed Funding

May's CHSS Research virtual coffee will be held on Wednesday, May 12, 2021, at 10:00AM and will feature an information session about CHSS's FRDA Seed Funding program.

Please note that May's virtual coffee is being held one week earlier, on the second Wednesday of May at 10am. 

The Zoom meeting link is posted on the CHSS Research Resources SharePoint site under CHSS Research Virtual Coffee. If you do not have access to the CHSS Research Resources SharePoint site, you may request access here. Or if you prefer that to have the link sent directly to you, please contact Brooke Gowl. A formal RSVP is not required.

Applications for FRDA Seed Funding awards are due the last Friday of September each year for projects to be conducted during the calendar year. September 24, 2021 is the due date for Calendar Year 2022 projects.

A central purpose of FRDA Seed Funding Leading to External Funding (“FRDA Seed Funding”) is to provide seed funding that will lead to an application for external funding.  Immediate submission of a grant or fellowship proposal after the FRDA is completed is not required, although plans for seeking external funding must be included in the proposal.

FRDA Seed Funding is available for: (1) single investigators (up to $10,000); (2) multiple investigators from two or more CHSS departments/programs (up to $15,000); or (3) for multiple investigators from two or more colleges or schools (up to $15,000 with match expected from non-CHSS colleges/schools).