FY2020 and FY2021 Faculty Research and Development Seed Funding Awards

A central purpose of FRDA Seed Funding Leading to External Funding (“FRDA Seed Funding”) is to provide seed funding that will lead to an application for external funding.  Immediate submission of a grant or fellowship proposal after the FRDA is completed is not required, although plans for seeking external funding must be included in the proposal.

Tenured and tenure-track faculty members are eligible to apply, and awards can be up to $10,000 for single investigator proposals and up to $15,000 for multi-investigator proposals.

For more information about the FRDA program, visit https://chss.gmu.edu/support/frda.

FY20 and FY21 Seed Funding Award Winners

Leah Adams (PSYC), Chronic pain self-management among women living with HIV:  The missing role of stigma

Jim Blevins (ENGL), Refurbishing our foundations: Quantitative morphology and big data

Joan Bristol (HIST), Esperanza Across the Atlantic: A Mulata Crypto-Jew in the 17th Century Spanish World

Beidi Dong (CLS), Reducing the Co-Morbidity of Illegal Gun Carrying and Substance Use over the Life-Course: The Potential Protective Effects of State Gun Laws

Lisa Eckenwiler (PHIL), Global health justice for the long-term displaced: a call for comprehensive services and epistemic justice in humanitarian settings

Jane Flinn (PSYC), Can Young Blood Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

Elizabeth Freeman (SIS) and Kathleen Hunt (College of Science), Investigating the utility of hair and nail analyses to monitor hormone activity in elephants

Cortney Hughes-Rinker (SOAN), The Structure of Pain:  The Impacts of Knowledge, Policy, and Religion on Suffering and Opioid Use in Morocco

Yasemin Ipek (GLOA), Syrians Caring for Syrians: Displaced Humanitarians and Transnational Muslim Care Networks

Yasemin Irvin-Erickson (CLS) and Douglas Irvin-Erickson (Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution), Enablers and Barriers of Refugees' Safe, Voluntary, and Sustained Returns

Tania James (ENGL), LOOT, a novel in progress

Young Jung (MCL), Dae Young Kim (SOAN) and Byunghwan Son (GLOA), The Diffusion and Reception of Korean Popular Culture in the United States

Olga Kornienko  (PSYC), Teens Building Resilience: Using Growth Mindset Single-Session Intervention to Strengthen Adolescent Mental Health, Social Relationships, and Networks

Harim Kwon (ENGL) and Vincent Chanethom (MCL), Phonetic Variability and its Role in L2 Phonological Training

Yi-Ching Lee (PSYC), New framework for driving automation systems:  Taking the perspectives of family and mobility

Evan Lowder (CLS), Use of Rick Assessment in Early Pretrial Release Decisions

Johanna Mollerstrom (ECON), Preferences for Global Redistribution and Migration in an Era of Polarization

Sylvia Schreiner (ENGL), Building and Assessing Resources for Language Documentation and Revitalization

Hongmei Sun (MCL), Doctors as Converters: Translating Chinese Medicine

Levi Van Sant (SIS), Landownership and Social Inequality in Coastal South Carolina

Huseyin Yilmaz, (HIST), The Rise of Anatolian Vernacular Humanism in Early Ottoman Period