Caplan's Graphic Novel on Immigration a New York Times Bestseller

George Mason Economist Bryan Caplan makes a bold case for unrestricted immigration in his entertaining, educational graphic novel "Open Borders:  The Science and Ethics of Immigration".  According to Caplan, this funny, fact-filled analysis is "... a book about a tremendously underrated economic and moral opportunity that decent people of every description can and should embrace".

The book has been well-received and the reviews are coming in...

From Publisher's Weekly:  The combination of Caplan’s deep research and Weinersmith’s snappy storytelling adds up to a persuasive treatise that sees open policy around immigration as historically positive and a future potential rising tide of consumers and producers together lifting boats and bottom lines.

Tyler Cowen, Marginal Revolution says this work is “A phenomenal achievement. [Open Borders] is a landmark in economic education, how to present economic ideas, and the integration of economic analysis and graphic visuals. I picked it up not knowing what to expect, and was blown away by the execution . . . This book is one of the very best explainers of the gains from trade idea ever produced, and it will teach virtually anyone a truly significant amount about the immigration issue, as well as economic analytics more generally.”