Stephanie Vu

Stephanie Vu

Stephanie Vu

How did you choose your degree program?

I chose English and history within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences because I have always been fascinated by the power of words. I fell in love with literature and the unraveling of the past, and I've explored both separately and jointly during my time here at Mason.

How did your academic experiences in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences impact you?

My academic experiences have allowed me to define "leadership" for myself and others. After my 3.5 years here, leadership to me is the ability to guide others in a way that distributes responsibilities in order to achieve a goal. A quality leader must adopt democratic, affiliative, and pacesetting leadership styles. Hence, my academic experiences in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences has challenged me to utilize the world of academia in a broader, societal setting.

What accomplishment(s) during your time at Mason are you most proud of?

I am most proud of receiving an Innovation in Ideas and Methods in Research Award at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences' Undergraduate Research Symposium 2022 for my research on the Brothers Grimm and their ties to Romanticism and Nationalism.

Are there faculty or staff members who made a difference during your Mason career?

I would like to thank Professor Zhang and Professor Samuelian for their guidance during my capstone. I would also like to thank Professor Koch and Professor Burek who have supported me as a writer and student throughout my time here. Finally, I'd like to thank Professor Turner and Professor Mullen who have given me the chance to be an undergraduate assistant at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media.

What are your current career plans following graduation? What are your long-term career goals?

My immediate course of action following graduation is interning / student teaching at Chantilly High School. After I finish getting endorsed in English, I will teach with a provisional license until I finish my master's degree in secondary education. Eventually, I would like to also get endorsed in my minors: mathematics and history. In the long-term, I'd like to pursue a career in secondary school administration.