Cultural Studies Concentration

The MA in English with a concentration in Cultural Studies is one of the few Master’s Programs in Cultural Studies in the United States. The Cultural Studies concentration consists of courses in film, new media, visual culture, theory and literature.

Why choose this concentration?

Cultural Studies prepares students for the major questions and concerns facing our world today including the role of media in society, the significance of individual and communitarian identities, the effects of globalization and technology. It is valuable for anyone interested in engaging with the world of ideas and culture through the classroom, academia, or in movements for social justice. It serves high school and community college teachers looking for professional development. Students planning to apply to PhD programs in Cultural Studies, particularly the PhD at George Mason, should pursue this concentration.  Consult for more information about our PhD program.

What this program offers:

The Cultural Studies Concentration prepares students with the kind of expertise in writing, research, and analysis that is demanded by many professions today. Students use the Cultural Studies concentration to develop skills and experience that have allowed them to succeed in academia, teaching, publishing, and independent writing. Our graduates can be found teaching in Universities all over the world as well as local high schools, or working for non-profits and corporations as writers and analysts.

Our students and faculty:

Our students reflect the diversity in backgrounds that make up George Mason University as a whole. We have students coming directly from college as well as many high school and community college teachers looking for professional development. We have a diverse and  internationally-recognized scholarly faculty who have published research in specializations in every area of cultural studies including new media, film, television, postcolonialism, gender and sexuality, and economics. 

A successful applicant:

Demonstrates an interest in examining the world through its cultural products, in all of its aspects, and a desire to use the MA as part of a process of growth toward their goals. The most important part of the application for Cultural Studies is the writing sample. This should demonstrate skills in analysis and communication including grasp of MLA style citations, use of theoretical or argumentative frame, and the ability to read a text closely for style and significance. Applicants who are coming from a different professional or undergraduate background should submit a sample of professional writing that demonstrates their ability to manage complex information and communicate effectively.


Hear more about the program from faculty, students, and staff: