Accelerated MS in Criminal Justice

Program Specific Requirements

College Transcripts Goals Statement GRE Portfolio Recommendation Letters Resume Writing Sample

Application Process

Preparing to Apply

Prior to submitting your application, meet with the Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s (BAM) Coordinatordirector of your undergraduate program and with the director of the master’s program. 

  • Applicants to the accelerated MS must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.50 
  • Applicants must have completed 15 upper-level undergraduate credits at Mason
  • Applicants must submit:
    • Transcript
    • Two recommendation letters
    • Resume
    • Goals statement 
    • Writing sample
  • Applicants should submit a course planning form
  • Go over schedule for completion of the undergraduate degree
  • Plan appropriate graduate course work
  • Be familiar with the policies for accelerated master's programs 

When to Apply

Mason undergraduate students who have completed 60 credits toward the bachelor’s degree are invited to apply.

Eligible students should contact their advisor to initiate the application process. Access the Accelerated Master’s Application Guide for more information.

Post Application

The application is processed by the Office of Graduate Admissions. If approved, students will receive a notification from the Office of Graduate Admissions. During the final semester of the undergraduate program, students must submit their completed Transition Form to their undergraduate advisor, graduate advisor, and the CHSS Graduate Admissions Office. Upon undergraduate degree conferral and successful transition from the accelerated master’s program, students will receive an official decision letter from the Office of Graduate Admissions for the term they officially begin the master’s program.

The official date for the start of your master’s degree is the semester immediately following your undergraduate graduation. Upon transition to your master’s degree you will be subject to all graduate academic policies.

Accelerated master’s students must graduate from their undergraduate program in the semester specified on their application to the accelerated degree program. Changes to the timeline for conferral of the undergraduate degree should be approved by the graduate program director. Students must meet the University’s accelerated master’s program policies.

Failure to meet the terms of admission will result in termination from the accelerated master’s program.

Additional Information

The submitted goals statement should be 200-300 words in length describing what you intend to do with your MS degree in Criminal Justice.

The writing sample is an essay of 500-750 words that identifies a current problem or issue in criminal justice and examines promising approaches to mitigating or resolving it. The essay should be original work and not have been written previous to this application. It should be persuasive to a criminal justice policy maker or practitioner. The essay can include references (not counted toward the word limit), but these are not required.

Two letters of recommendation should come from faculty members or individuals with first-hand knowledge of your academic or professional capabilities.

Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s Applications