Master's International Presentation


Thursday, October 16, 2008 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Robinson A 203

Adrianne Brakefield and Jeremiah Marquis both chose to incorporate the Master's International program into their Masters of Political Science. They recently returned to Mason from their 2 years of Peace Corps service.  They will be speaking about their experiences as Peace Corps Volunteers.

What is the Master's International Program?

  • The Masters International (MI) Program is a cooperative effort between the Peace Corps and George Mason University.   The Master of Public Administration (MPA ) and the Master of Arts in Political Science are twp degree programs that GMU offers to students that wish to include the Masters International with their Masters degree.
  • The (MI) program refers to the two years of Peace Corps Volunteer Service that a student chooses as an internship.  At the completion of the Peace Corps service the student will have earned 6 internship credits, tuition waived, that will be counted toward the completion of the Master of Public Administration or the MA in Political Science. 

Hosted by Department of Public and International Affairs.

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