Election Day 2020: University Closed

Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Earlier this year, Governor Ralph Northam signed legislation to designate Election Day as a state holiday. As a state agency, George Mason University will participate in the observance by closing on Tuesday, November 3. All eligible members of the Mason community are encouraged to exercise their civic responsibility on Election Day, by voting, serving as Officers of Election, assisting others to vote, or otherwise participating in this cornerstone of American democracy.

To ensure the closure of the university on Election Day will not result in a loss of instructional time for Tuesday classes, the Fall Break currently scheduled for Monday, October 12, will be transformed into an instructional day and regularly scheduled Monday classes will meet that day. Tuesday classes will meet on Tuesday, October 13. (As previously scheduled, Monday classes would have met on Tuesday.) This plan ensures that all classes meet for the full 14 weeks in the standard semester. Because this change to the Fall semester calendar occurs with short notice,