Information Session: UK Harry Potter Summer Study Abroad Program

Wednesday, February 19, 2020 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM
Johnson Center, 241 (Mason GEO Office)

Join Mason GEO to learn how you can participate on a magical summer journey while honing skills that will serve you throughout your academic career.

This program invites participants to explore the wizarding world of Harry Potter in Scotland and England. You will journey through the Highlands on the Hogwarts Express, roam through awe-inspiring castles and graveyards, write in the café where Rowling penned The Chamber of Secrets, meet the artists who designed The Daily Prophet, and speak with the Scots translator of The Philosopher’s (Sorcerer's) Stone.
These activities and more will help you to interpret Harry Potter novels, films, and plays with greater complexity. Based mostly in Edinburgh and London, we will also visit Glenfinnan, Alnwick, Durham and Oxford to investigate geographic and socio-historical influences. Harry Potter’s influence on contemporary literature, art, and culture – such as The Magicians and fan-fiction sites – will be highlighted as well.
Because this course is interdisciplinary, you will learn to approach Harry Potter from multiple perspectives. After four weeks of fun and intensive study, you will be uniquely situated both to win pub quizzes and to contribute to scholarly conversations about Harry Potter. The knowledge and skills you acquire from this course – including evaluating cultural context, applying close-reading strategies to primary and secondary sources, interpreting and creating visual media, conducting research at National libraries, and writing creatively and analytically -- will benefit you in future course work for your major.