Student Awards: Dean's Challenge Scholarship

The Dean's Challenge Scholarship was established in 2007 to acknowledge exceptional undergraduate students who have excelled while making academically-challenging choices. The recipients of this award receive a scholarship to help with their educational expenses for the following year. The Dean's Challenge is funded by generous donations from friends of the college.


All Awardees



  • Emma Beitzel, Creative Writing
  • Abigail Bilby, Global Affairs
  • Haseung Joung, Global Affairs, Mason Korea
  • Qui Mai, Philosophy
  • Margaret Vestermark, English
  • Deja Watkins, Modern and Classical Languages


  • Madeline Brawley, Psychology
  • Dejza Brower, Global Affairs
  • Nikaela Busekrus, History
  • Isaias Cruz, Religious Studies
  • Fatma Gdoura, Economics
  • Sonakshi Negi, Psychology
  • Bennett Shoop, Integrative Studies
  • Aryelle Young, Creative Writing


  • Suzanne Abribat, English
  • Donna Imadi, Global Affairs
  • Benjamin Lawler, Global Affairs
  • Heather Longfellow, Art History
  • Leila Martinez-Bentley, Anthropology
  • Whitney Olson, Creative Writing
  • Anna Ritter, Philosophy


  • Barbara Brophy, English
  • Monique DeLeon, Sociology
  • Melissa Dyer, History
  • Beverly Harp, Global Affairs
  • Vinh Mai, Economics
  • Maggie Mendel, Global Affairs
  • Ana Tobar-Romero, Communications and Global Affairs


  • Natalia Arancibia, English
  • Dillon Berger, Philosophy
  • Vanessa Cardenas, Global Affairs
  • Morgan Ellison, History, Russian, Eurasian Studies
  • Mark Cameron Hatcher, Psychology
  • Ghizlane Moustaid, Global Affairs
  • Sarah Solano, Criminology, Law and Society


  • Philip Abbruscato, Government and International Politics
  • Maria Curras, Global Affairs
  • Julia Douglas, Creative Writing
  • Laura Feild, Government and International Politics
  • Jennifer Nakamura, Psychology
  • Madison Spagnolo, Sociology
  • Andrew Weisberg, History; Government and International Politics
  • Alan Williams, Global Affairs


  • Anais-Flora Akassi Assale, Global Affairs
  • Jawaad Ali, Global Affairs
  • Jenna Beaver, Psychology
  • Victoria Georges, History
  • Greg Holden, Criminology, Law and Society
  • Jordan Nichols, Criminology, Law and Society
  • Nealofar Panjshiri, Public Administration
  • Amy Woolsey, English


  • Emily Arnold, English
  • Jessica Campbell, History
  • Amina Derbi, Global Affairs
  • Timothy Higashi, Public Administration
  • Nathan Ludwig, Global Affairs
  • Emily Mann, Anthropology
  • Rochelle Sceats, Psychology
  • Anastasia Uzlevskaya, Criminology, Law and Society


  • Joshua Apple, Communication
  • Daniel Boger, Government and International Politics
  • Katherine Bredholt, English
  • Margot Cabrera-Soltelo, Psychology
  • Christina Lauderdale, Criminology, Law and Society
  • Alexandra Tyson, Global Affairs and Government and International Politics
  • Lauren Walker, English
  • Colleen Yeskovich, Economics and Global Affairs


  • Arya Ansari, Psychology
  • Kathryn Beck, Economics
  • George Buzzell, Psychology
  • Lucila Fernandez, Global Affairs
  • Pamela Martin, Individualized Study (BIS)
  • Gleason Rowe, Global Affairs
  • Quincey Smith, Communication
  • Nicole Wiesenhahn, English


  • Megan Fowler, History and Theatre
  • Lubna Ghazi, Integrative Studies
  • Alexandra Koerner, Global Affairs
  • Kali Matalon, Communication
  • Liya Palagashvili, Economics
  • Shannon Pennell, English


  • Linda Bartone, English
  • Gabrielle D'Lima, Psychology
  • Ivana Man, Psychology
  • Elizabeth Moore, History
  • Daniel Odom, Global Affairs and Art History
  • Joshua Oxley, Religious Studies and History
  • Aram Zucker-Scharff, English and Information Technology


  • Katherine R. Berger, Sociology
  • Kimberly L. Day, Psychology
  • Teresa Hsieh, Sociology
  • Amanda Hubert, Administration of Justice
  • Marketa Jenesova, Global Affairs
  • Alec G. Knight, Global Affairs
  • MacGregor Lennarz, Government and International Politics
  • Afra Saeed, Psychology
  • Andrew Smyth, Economics
  • Madeline Wiley, Integrative Studies