The New Realities in the Middle East with David Imad Ramadan

The New Realities in the Middle East with David Imad Ramadan

Global Affairs continues to offer topics courses, which engage students in every aspect of the field. This fall is no different. New on the schedule is GLOA 450-003: Middle East Realities, taught by one of the university’s true friends, David Ramadan, who has been a dedicated Patriot since graduating from Mason two decades ago. Ramadan has spent that time continuing his education in the United States and overseas, becoming a successful international consultant and serving on Mason’s Board of Visitors. Most recently he served two terms in the Virginia House of Delegates representing eastern Loudoun County and western Prince William County.

It’s this diverse range of experiences and perspectives that Ramadan brings into the classroom. He previously taught a very similar course in 2004 and 2006, but a lot has changed in a region that is home to some of the world’s oldest civilizations. The complexities of the region make the course a perfect fit for the Global Affairs program’s interdisciplinary approach. The goal of the course is to provide students with rich knowledge of the Middle East that is not just history and not just politics, that allows students to really work through the context and complexities of current events.

As Professor Ramadan explains, “The players have changed, [we’re] dealing with new organizations and new threats. The wars have never stopped, but there are now new wars, with new enemies. There is a textbook and a rigorous syllabus, but much of the time in class will be devoted to discussion to promote a real world understanding of current issues and conditions in the Middle East.” 

The course will be offered on Tuesday evenings in fall 2016 and is open to students from all majors who have completed GLOA 101 or SOCI 120.

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