Superb Staff Members Recognized at College-wide Ceremony

by Anne Reynolds

Superb Staff Members Recognized at College-wide Ceremony
Ellen Glickman, Stephanie Barnett, Deborah Boehm-Davis, Khalid Jama, Erin McSherry, Mary Jackson

Each December, the faculty and staff of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences come together to recognize some exceptional staff members at the annual Mary Roper Award Ceremony.

The award is named for Mary Roper, who worked for George Mason University for thirty years – including 17 years in the college. Known for her excellent professionalism and her dedication to the university, the award that bears her name is given to a college staff member whose work similarly advances the good of the college and its mission. 

Nominations are accepted in the early fall each year and the event is a highly anticipated feature of the college’s calendar. This year, the college recognized the contributions of Mary Jackson, the graduate coordinator for Mason’s Department of Economics. Dean Deborah Boehm-Davis presented the award, noting that Jackson had been with Mason for seven years and that, with a husband and two sons with economics degrees, her position within the college is an obvious fit.

Excerpts from the letters sent in support of Jackson's nomination clearly illustrate the esteem with which the economics department regards her. One particular testimonial sums up her contributions:

Mary is the quintessential team player who is always willing to go above and beyond to help our students and faculty. In doing so, she always acts with the utmost integrity. She is respectful of all people she interacts with, while also having a deep respect and appreciation for University rules, guidelines and standards. She is committed to creating a diverse environment where students from all backgrounds and walks of life feel comfortable and satisfied with the product they are offered by the Department of Economics.

The event also recognized four staff members with awards in the areas of human resources and finance support, information technology support, undergraduate programs support, and graduate programs support. 

Leslie Dyre, the college’s executive director for finance and human resources, presented the award for human resources and financial support to Khalid Jama, of the Department of Psychology.

Danny Collier, the college’s information technology and web development director, presented the award for IT support to Ellen Glickman, of the Department of Communication.

Elizabeth Kalinowski, the college’s director of advising, presented the award for undergraduate program support to Stephanie Barnett, from the Department of Criminology, Law and Society.

Jamie Cooper, the college’s associate dean for academic affairs, presented the award for outstanding graduate programs support to Erin McSherry, of the global affairs program.

"One of the pleasures of this job is the opportunity to recognize those who provide outstanding support," said Boehm-Davis at the conclusion of the ceremony. "Today has provided that opportunity once again."