2023 CHSS Student Award recipients

Congratulations to the 2023 CHSS Student Award recipients!

Each May, as the spring semester comes to a close, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) faculty recognize students for their leadership, academic excellence, service, teaching, departmental honors, and subject-matter accomplishments. Students in each CHSS department receive awards at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. Click on each department for a complete listing of 2023 awardees. 

Graduate student awards: Outstanding Doctoral Student, Outstanding Master’s Student, Commitment to the Graduate Program Award, Graduate Teaching Award, Department Leadership Award, Joe Witte Special Recognition in Science Communication Leadership, Wendy Balazik Communication and Social Change Award, Department of Communication Challenge Award, Lt. Colonel William Schroeder Memorial Award for Excellence in Strategic Communication 

Undergraduate awards: Dr. Bruce Manchester Outstanding Academic Achievement in Communication, Honor in Communication Research (COMM 490/491) Award, Excellence in Communication, COMM Ambassador of the Year, Excellence in Journalism Awards, Excellence in Media Production Award, PRSSA Awards, WGMU (Radio) Award  

Graduate student awards: Outstanding Graduate Service Award 

Undergraduate awards: Outstanding Graduating Student Award, Academic Excellence, Honors in the Major, Outstanding Undergraduate Service Award, OLLI Scholarship  

Graduate student awards: William P. Snavely Award for Outstanding Achievement in Graduate Studies, Israel M. Kirzner Award for Outstanding Dissertation in Austrian Economics 

Undergraduate awards: Excellence Award, Outstanding Academic Achievement in Economics, Howard R. Bloch Memorial Award, Departmental Honors in Economics, Vernon Smith Essay Award, F.A. Hayek Essay Award 

Graduate student awards: Outstanding Graduate Student Award, Sven Eric Molin Award, Robert Karlson Award, MFA Thesis Fellowship in Poetry, MFA Thesis Fellowship in Fiction, MFA Thesis Fellowship in Nonfiction, Dan Rudy Fiction Prize, Mary Roberts Rinehart Fiction Award, Mary Roberts Rinehart Non-Fiction Award, Mary Roberts Rinehart Poetry Award, Mark Craver Poetry Award, Margaret R. Yocom Student Paper Prize – Graduate, Writing Center Consultant of the Year, Heritage Fellowship 

Undergraduate awards: Outstanding Graduating Senior in Honors, James L. Jackson Award, Aileen Walls Award, Dr. Barry Berkey Personal Essay Award, Graduation with Honors in English, OLLI-Mason Scholarship, Margaret R. Yocom Student Paper Prize - Undergraduate, Lathbury at Random Award, CHSS Outstanding Student for the BA, CHSS Outstanding Student for the BFA, GMU Rinehart Nonfiction Award 

Graduate student awards: Outstanding Academic Achievement, MA Certificate of Merit 

Undergraduate awards: Outstanding Academic Achievement, Certificate of Merit, Peter N. Stearns Global Citizenship Award 

Graduate student awards: Mary Zamon Doctoral Student of the Year, Outstanding Master's Student of the Year  

Graduate student awards: C. W. Bright Pixel Prize for the Best History and New Media Project, Randy Beth Clarke Fellowship in U.S. History, Evelyn Pugh Memorial Tuition Fellowship, Josephine Pacheco Award for Best Graduate Research Paper, Outstanding Graduate Research Project in Art History, Joseph and Dorothy Censer Fellowship,  Kurt Andrew Dodd Scholarship, Art History Graduate Student Leadership Award, Academic Excellence in Art History 

Undergraduate awards: Academic Excellence in Art History, Page-Nelson Award in History, Donald R. Barr Memorial Endowed Scholarship, Charles and Polly Webber American History Endowed Scholarship, Robert K. Hedrick Jr. and Walter F. Huxley Endowed Scholarship, Outstanding Senior Research Paper Award, Leadership Award in Art History, George Mason Memorial Society Endowed Scholarship, Gary and Eleanor Shumaker Endowed Scholarship, HFCI Scholarship Fund, Friends of Historic Huntley Award, Outstanding Public and Digital History Project Award 

Graduate student awards: Academic Excellence in Spanish Graduate Studies, Distinction in Graduate Studies–Spanish 

Undergraduate awards: Excellence in the Arabic Minor, Excellence in the Arabic Major, Completion of Arabic Major, Fulbright Teacher Assistant in Arabic, Excellence in Elementary French, Excellence in Intermediate French, Excellence in the French Minor, Excellence in the French Major, CHSS Outstanding Student, Excellence in Elementary German, Excellence in Intermediate German, Excellence in the German Studies Minor, Excellence in Elementary Italian, Excellence in Intermediate Italian, Excellence in Advanced Italian, The William Weaver Prize in Italian Studies, Excellence in the Japanese Studies Minor, Japanese National Honor Society Inductees, Outstanding Contribution to the Promotion of Japanese Language and Culture, Excellence in the Korean Major, Excellence in the Korean Studies Minor, The Mid-Atlantic Korean Speech Contest (MAKSC) Scholarship, KAEF Scholarship in Korean Studies, Outstanding Achievement in Elementary Russian, Outstanding Achievement in Intermediate Russian, Outstanding Achievement in Advanced Russian, Excellence in the Russian Minor, Excellence in Russian and Eurasian Studies, Excellence in the Spanish Minor, Distinction in the Spanish Minor, Excellence in Writing in the Spanish Studies Minor, Special Recognition in Community Advocacy – Spanish, Excellence in the Spanish Major, Distinction in the Spanish Major, Excellence in Writing in the Spanish Major, Special Recognition in University Engagement – Spanish, Phi Sigma Iota: International Foreign Language Honor Society, Inc., OLLI Scholarship Award 

Graduate student awards: Applied Developmental Psychology Outstanding Doctoral Student, Applied Developmental Psychology Outstanding Master's Student, Applied Developmental Psychology Outstanding Dissertation, Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor, Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Assistant, Applied Developmental Psychology Outstanding Thesis 

Undergraduate awards: Jeanne C. Mellinger Award, Outstanding Psychology Undergraduate Research Assistant Awards, Outstanding Community/Campus Leader Award, Faculty Choice Award, Outstanding Psychology Undergraduate Researcher Award, Outstanding Faculty Award 

Undergraduate awards: Outstanding Graduating Senior, Sharon Draznin Award for Excellence in Judaic Studies, Eric and Karen Forman Award for Outstanding Achievement in Judaic Studies, AbuSulayman Center Award for Undergraduate Excellence in Islamic Studies, Award for Excellence in the Study of Asian Religions 

Undergraduate awards: Academic Excellence Awards, School of Integrative Studies Outstanding Graduate Awards  

Graduate student awards: Outstanding Sociology Graduate Student Award, Outstanding Anthropology M.A. Thesis, Outstanding Anthropology Graduate Student Award, Dennis-Weathers Sociology Award, Devlin Family Scholarship, Thomas Rhys Williams Award for Outstanding Student Writing 

Undergraduate awards: Outstanding Sociology Undergraduate Student Award, AKD Outstanding Graduating Senior Award, Aliza Kolker Award for Sociology, Outstanding Anthropology Undergraduate Student Award, Thomas Rhys Williams Award for Outstanding Student Writing, Mason Trailblazer Award