Submit your award-winners via the CHSSweb awards app

Each year, we honor college and department awardees at the spring degree celebrations. This year, our awardees will be featured in the opening slideshow. We ask that you publish your award winners via CHSSweb's built-in awards app. This app allows us to easily export names and awards in one centralized place. 

New to this year is the addition of a box to check if the award-winner is graduating. Please mark which students will be graduating this year. We are only featuring graduating students due to time and space constraints. 

CHSSweb has multiple walkthroughs and guides for the process of submitting via the awards app. Please help us in recognizing your students for their fantastic work by utilizing the easy-to-use, built-in system. 

CHSSweb team members are also hosting an upcoming awards app training session for existing CHSSweb editors on April 18th. This session is designed for editors who have been tasked with entering their unit's awards and awardees in preparation for the spring 2023 CHSS degree celebrations. Register online.

Winners not published through this app will not be featured in the slideshow.