IDIA AI Innovation Symposium

IDIA AI Innovation Symposium

The IDIA AI symposium will bring together faculty from all schools, colleges, and units on campus and instigate the formation of transdisciplinary research teams on:

AI4Health, AI4Science, AI4Sustainability, AI4Policy, AI4Equity, Ethical AI, AI4Work, AI4Manufacturing, and more.

Participation is highly encouraged from those who may be designers or practitioners of AI, and from those who are simply interested in learning more about how the latest AI advances can spur further inquiry in particular scientific domains. 

The outcomes of the symposium will include the formation of thematically well-defined, cross-unit teams of faculty, and will provide the opportunity for participants to advance and broaden their research agendas with new problems, new approaches, and new collaborators.

The IDIA leadership team will also announce several funding opportunities at the symposium. Team IDIA includes Amarda Shehu, associate vice president of research, and Kammy Sanghera, executive director.  

To register, submit an rsvp here to help organizers provide participants with the best experience. The day will start with coffee and other refreshments and include lunch.