CHSS pre-award updates

CHSS pre-award updates

CHSS Research has some exciting updates related to our work to build out Pre-Award research administration support in the CHSS Dean’s Office.

First, check out our new link on the CHSS Research landing page that now includes helpful information about CHSS Pre- Award Research AdministrationThe CHSS Pre-Award team has been hard at work to develop a webpage where you will find a link to the PRA Form (explained below), an overview of the Pre-Award team’s services, and quick links to other important information, such as newly developed CHSS TIPS sheets.

We will continue to build and enhance this webpage and resources as time allows.  Special thanks to Craig Zaccaro and the CHSS IT/Web Team for making all of this possible!

Ready to Submit? 

The CHSS Pre-Award team has created a pre-RAMP form and process to get you started on all of your proposals for external funding. 

New Pre-Award Request for Assistance with Proposal Submission Form - PRA

  • Effective immediately, all requests for proposal submission assistance must be submitted using the CHSS Pre-Award Request for Assistance with Proposal Submission Form (PRA). Please don’t start your submission in RAMP – we will work in RAMP with you later! You can also find this link on the CHSS Pre-Award webpage.
  • Completion of the PRA Form will prompt the assignment of a CHSS Pre-Award Research Administrator (RA) who will partner with you and assist you with your proposal submission. The RA will review the proposal guidelines, provide you with a timeline and a submission checklist, assist with budget development and the application package, and work with you every step of the way to ensure a successful proposal submission.

CHSS Proposal Submission Deadline – Timing is everything!

So that we can work with you effectively and conduct a thorough review of your materials, while also meeting university deadlines for proposal submission, CHSS requires that ALL proposal documents are submitted to CHSS Pre-Award 6 business days before the sponsor deadline, no later than 10am that day.

  • Importantly, the budget and budget justification must be in final form, and no changes to the budget are allowed after the 6-business day deadline. The research and project plan and associated reference pages may be submitted in draft format 6 days prior but must be finalized shortly thereafter. This flexibility recognizes that sometimes narrative and program tweaks are needed by investigators.  If your proposal includes sub-awards or other collaborators, the internal deadlines may be even earlier but that will be sketched out in advance by your CHSS Pre-Award RA.
  • So why do we insist on this? Funding proposal requirements have increased and have become more complex over time.  The CHSS Pre-Award team requires adequate time to perform a thorough review to ensure that proposal sections, required forms and attachments are included, and that elements of the proposal and budget are congruent. Our expertise is designed to enhance your success. 
  • At 4 business days prior to the proposal submission deadline, all final documents must be received by the CHSS Pre-Award RA so they can be routed to meet the university’s internal deadline for submission to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP).
  • Any proposals submitted after OSP’s deadline will require Associate Dean for Research approval along with an explanation for the delay.

Meet the Newest Member of the CHSS Pre-Award Research Administration Team

Bio image of Becky SantaviccaPlease welcome Becky Santavicca to CHSS. Becky is an experienced research administrator with more than 15 years of experience in proposal development. Becky has a B.A in English (Writing) from the University of Tennessee, and an MFA in Creative Writing (Poetry) from the University of Houston. We are excited that Becky is joining our team! 

She is joining Rashmi Pershad, Associate Director of Pre-Award, and Loralin Welch and Gina Han, Pre-Award Research Administrators.

OSP Winter Break Deadlines: 

Proposals due December 19-January 5 were due to OSP by Friday, December 9. Please note that OSP plans to submit all proposals on December 16 as the University will be closed December 17-January 2. Proposals due January 6, are due to OSP by Tuesday, January 3.