From Phi Beta Kappa: What will you do with THAT degree?

From Phi Beta Kappa: What will you do with THAT degree?

This article appeared in the November 2022 edition of State of the Arts & Sciences, a newsletter from the Phi Beta Kappa Society's Arts & Sciences Initiative.

With one question, well-meaning families can turn Thanksgiving gatherings into feasts of doubts for college students. Yet only 27 percent of those with bachelor’s degrees work in jobs directly related to their major.

Liberal arts and sciences students can find meaningful, productive, and engaged careers in plenty of fields. The Society’s Key into Public Service program highlights a wide range of opportunities in local, state, and federal government for arts, humanities, mathematics, natural science, and social science majors.

To help undergraduates explore government service, Phi Beta Kappa invites applications for a $5,000 scholarship that includes participation in an educational conference in June 2023. Twenty of these scholarships are on the table. 

Characteristics of ideal recipients include intellectual curiosity, breadth and depth in arts and sciences coursework, leadership propensity, and service to others. If you know of any students attending a Phi Beta Kappa chapter institution who may qualify, please help us spread the word over the holidays.

Learn more and encourage students to apply here