CHSS Student Spotlight: Jood Alkibsy

Get to know the Women and Gender Studies Center's Program Advisor, Jood Alkibsy

by Marissa Joyce

Courtesy of Jood Alkibsy

Jood Alkibsy is a Program Adviser at the Women and Gender Studies center. They are a Sociology and Women and Gender Studies student at George Mason CHSS, with their primary academic focuses being in decoloniality, SWANA studies, feminist and queer theory, and all things that overlap them!

1. Can you tell us a little more about your history with George Mason? 

I started attending Mason in 2019. When I first started, I did not expect that attending would be such a formative experience! Throughout my time, I was able to find such beautiful community and work with amazing faculty that genuinely helped me grow as an academic and person. I am very glad to have attended Mason. 

2. If you were in an elevator with someone for a brief period of time and had to explain Women and Gender Studies and its importance, what would you say to them? 

From its name, you can tell that Women and Gender Studies investigates women and gender in society, but it is so much more than that. Women and Gender Studies offers a very necessary and critical analysis of the world we live in and how social constructs and institutions dictate our lives and the ways we are allowed and expected to exist, then challenges them. Of course, the analysis comes from feminist and queer standpoints that acknowledge patriarchy and cisheteronormativity in all points of analysis. What is so powerful about feminist and queer standpoints is that they can be implemented in the study of any society, structure, or event and, when applied correctly using an intersectional framework, you have a complete analysis of the power structures at play and you are able to formulate holistic social justice understandings. 

3. You currently serve as a Program Adviser for WGST, can you tell us more about your role? 

In my role as a Program Adviser, a lot of the work I do focuses on marketing material, student outreach, and event organizing. It’s really rewarding watching students come by and utilize the resource after tabling at the JC for 3 hours, haha! 

4. What advice would you have for other CHSS students? 

Speak to your professors! Ask them questions! They are excited when you do and are always willing to help you learn more and go beyond course material. 

5. What are you most proud of achieving during your time at Mason? 

Something I am most proud of is actually an event I am currently organizing with Women and Gender Studies, Arab Studies Institute, and Middle East and Islamic Studies: The Anti-Imperialist Feminism Panel on November 21st at 4:30 PM EST over Zoom. I am able to work with such amazing organizers and academics in the planning and am so excited for it. Join to listen and learn! 

6. What are your hobbies outside of your academic work at Mason? 

Outside of my academic work, I love to skateboard, swim, and visit immigrant owned restaurants for their authentic foods!