Summer Plans

Summer Plans

As summer 2022 approaches, you might be thinking about learning more about grants, fellowships and sponsored research possibilities.

For those curious about funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a great tool to learn more about NIH Grants & Funding can be found on their NIH Central Resource for Grants and Funding Information (  Check out their grants process overview, how to get started, how to apply, and how applications go through the referral and review process. 

Those interested in National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) funding can start with their Information for First-time Applicants (, and follow the helpful links from there.  You can search their grant programs, find sample proposal narratives for their various programs, and even query funded projects (67,834 grants awarded over time!). 

While NIH and NEH are both federal sponsors, a more complete picture of the federal funding landscape can be found on, (  You can learn more about federal grant agencies and programs, search for grants by keywords, category, or agency, and peruse their Grants Learning Center

Maybe you are interested in Fellowship opportunities - a simple Google search using "humanities fellowships" will produce results, including those from the National Humanities Center, the Smithsonian, ACLS, and many more.  You could also search using SPIN from a Mason authenticated PC or Mac, courtesy of Mason's Office of Research, Innovation and Economic Impact. 

Looking for advice on proposal writing?  Check out Christina M. Gillis's "Writing Proposals for ACLS Fellowship Competitions", and On the Art of Writing Proposals by Adam Pzreworski and Frank Salomon, published by the Social Science Research Council. 

And, finally, don't forget to look at CHSS Research's web pages from time to time as we post updated information throughout the summer. 

Have a great summer everyone!