Featured Funding Opportunities MAY 2022

Developmental Sciences (DS)

Organization: NSF

Due date: (7/15/2022 and 1/15/23) Annually

DS supports research that addresses developmental processes within the domains of cognitive, social, emotional, and motor development across the lifespan by working with any appropriate populations for the topics of interest including infants, children, adolescents, adults, and non-human animals. Faculties may consider applying for the annually renewing deadlines.

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Social Psychology

Organization: NSF

Due date: 7/15/2022

Proposed research should carry strong potential for creating transformative advances in the basic understanding of human social behavior.  Among the many research topics supported are: social cognition, attitudes, social and cultural influence, stereotypes, motivation, decision making, group dynamics, aggression, close relationships, social and affective neuroscience, social psychophysiology, emotions, prosocial behavior, health-related behavior, and personality and individual differences.

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Media Projects

Organization: NEH

Due date 8/10/2022

The Media Projects program supports the development, production, and distribution of radio programs, podcasts, documentary films, and documentary film series that engage general audiences with humanities ideas in a creative and appealing way.  Projects must be grounded in humanities scholarship.

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Title: Cultural Anthropology Program Senior Research Awards (CA-SR)

Organization: NSF

Due date: 8/15/2022

The program welcomes proposals from researchers in all sub-fields of cultural anthropology and research at any temporal and spatial scale. Methodologies and approaches employed may include ethnographic field research, surveys, remote sensing, the collection of bio-markers, experimental research inside or outside of laboratory settings, archival research, the analysis of materials collections and extant data bases, mathematical and computational modeling, and other research tools as appropriate for the research proposed.

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Title: Science Of Organizations (SoO)

Organization: NSF

Due date: 9/3/2022

SoO funds research that advances our fundamental understanding of how organizations develop, form, and operate. Funded research is aimed at yielding generalizable insights that are of value to the business practitioner, policy-maker, and research communities.

  • Phenomena studied may include (but are not limited to) structures, routines, effectiveness, competitiveness, innovation, dynamics, change and evolution.
  • Levels of analysis may include (but are not limited to) organizational, cross-organizational collaborations or relationships, and institutional and can address individuals, groups, or teams.

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Dynamic Language Infrastructure - Documenting Endangered Languages Fellowships

Organization: NEH

Due date: 9/14/2022

DLI-DEL Fellowships support individuals who are junior or senior linguists, linguistic anthropologists, and sociolinguists to conduct research on one or more endangered or moribund languages. DLI-DEL Fellowships prioritize scholarly analysis and publication, including but not limited to lexicons, grammars, databases, peer-reviewed articles, and monographs.

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The Fulbright Scholars Program

Organization: Fulbright/Council for International Exchange of Scholars

Due date: 9/15/2022

The prestigious Fulbright Scholar Program comprises the bulk of awards offered and includes opportunities for professionals, artists, and scholars at all career levels. Especially, the program offers to university faculty teaching/research abroad opportunities. Location and eligibility vary across all awards, and some awards may be restricted to certain career levels or types of scholars.

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Knowledge Frontiers: International Interdisciplinary Research 2023 

Organization: British Academy

Due date: 10/19/2022

The British Academy is inviting proposals from UK-based researchers working with international partners wishing to develop interdisciplinary projects involving both the humanities and the social sciences on the theme of Global (Dis)Order. Since the goal of the program is to create international collaborations with others in the humanities and social sciences- please consider reaching out to your UK colleagues for a potential collaborative research effort!  

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