CHR announces Summer Funding 2022 Awardees

CHR announces Summer Funding 2022 Awardees

Congratulations to the following Mason faculty members, who were selected by the Center for Humanities Research Steering Committee to receive summer funding to support ongoing projects related to the humanities. Each will receive $3,000.

Hyunyoung Cho (Term Associate Professor, English, Mason Korea) will receive support for her article-length project, "Birds and Bugs in 'To His Coy Mistress': Re-working Egyptian Solar Mythology in the Age of Bacon."

Heather Green (Assistant Professor, InterArts, School of Art) will continue work on (Never) Post-DADA: A Tristan Tzara Reader (1923-1963).

Amaka Okechukwu (Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology, CHSS) will hire a research assistant for her digital humanities project, "Black Belt Brooklyn: Mapping Community Building and Social Life during the Urban Crisis."

Cathy Saunders (Instructional Professor of English, CHSS) will complete the early stages of her project on the history of the Lewinsville Presbyterian Church, including the creation of an Omeka-S site that will make key primary documents, including wills and associated inventories of enslaved people, publicly available.

Peiyu Yang (Term Assistant Professor of Arabic Studies, Modern and Classical Languages, CHSS) will finish work on her book, Triangular Translation: Gender and the Making of the Postcolonial World Between China, Europe, and the Middle East, 1880-1940.